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Welcome to the Manasquan Fishing Club


Important Reminders, Updates, and Other Information

  • Reminders:

    • Please remember to renew your NJ Saltwater Angler Registration at
    • We meet at 7:30 PM the first Friday of every month at the Women's Club in Manasquan, NJ. 
    • All dues must be paid by 3/1/2024.
    • The Prize Raffle at our Annual Awards Dinner needs prizes!
      • Let the businesses know they will get some shine on our page! Here's the link.
      • John Sheehan is coordinating the prizes and asks that everyone solicit for prizes citing the Club’s many contributions
        to the community including our $500 scholarship award, and our efforts in promoting youth fishing programs.
      • Please coordinate with John Sheehan by text: 908.489.4238 to ensure that we’re not spinning our wheels and hitting up the same establishments multiple times, and get out there and solicit up some prizes. Keep in mind that prizes shouldn’t all be fishing related as wives and guests are also invited to the dinner, so let’s get some prizes that would appeal to them as well, i.e. gift certificates to restaurants, apparel stores, jewelry, wine, etc.
      • If you can’t solicit, remember that member donated prizes are also very welcome. Jim Freda was kind enough to start things off by
        committing to donate a $200 gift basket. Thank you Jim!
  • Updates:

    • Snag treble hooks made with circle hooks were verified to comply with striped bass
      regulations as per NJ DEP Conservation Police Officer Robert Henderson.
    • JCAA: Fluke regulation proposals were reviewed as a 28% reduction in harvest is
      • The JCAA supports a limit of 3 fish @ 18” with a season from May 4th thru
        September 25th.
      • Voting occurs on March 7th in Stafford Township assuming the ASMFC approves of the NJMFC options.

    Other information:

    • Check out the new awards available for this year's annual fishing contest.

3 Month Event Preview

Blue = Non-MFC Related Event
Black = General Meeting
Gold = MFC Related Event
  • March 1st 2024 (Friday) - General Meeting - Captain Jim Freda, Topic: Spring striper fishing in the Raritan Bay
    • Annual dues must be paid by 3/1/24.
    • If you have reserved a spot on the 5/21/24 Sea Bass trip, please make your payment of $120 at the meeting or send a check to the PO BOX.

  • March 2nd 2024 (Saturday) - Annual Sinker Party 9 am - 1 pm Click Here for more details.

    • Bring Safety Goggles, Gloves, and a metal can for your sinkers.
    • If you have lead, bring it. Our donated lead supply has been exhausted and we've had to now purchase it.
      • This year we will be charging $10/person for lead. It's totally worth it though.
      • Here's a link on amazon for fishing sinkers 5 pack of 20z sinkers is $8.99 and a 5 pack of 3oz sinkers is $13,49.

  • March 15th to 17th (Friday - Sunday) - NJ Saltwater Fishing Expo 
    • Paul and Jack will be manning the JCAA booth on March 16th (Saturday) from 3 - 6 PM. 

  • May 3rd 2024 (Friday)  - General Meeting - Guest Speaker: Tim Ferrie, Pilot's Association, Topic: Fishing Sandy Hook & Navigating Around Container Ships

  • May (Saturday Date TBD) - Manasquan PBA Youth Fishing Tournament (Mac's Pond)
    • Hosted by Manasquan PBA
    • We support the event by attending, weighing fish, awarding prizes, etc
    • Ages 3 - 13 years old.
    • Registration starts at 8 am and event wraps up around noon after presentation of awards. 

  • May 19th 2024 (Saturday) - Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament at Island Beach State Park
    • Click here for NJDEP page with more details
    • If interested, let Luis Cadalzo know as we may organize an MFC group to coordinate. 

  • May 21st 2024 (Tuesday)- Back Sea Bass Trip
    • Queen Mary - Point Pleasant Beach
    • All spots are full - if you have reserved a spot your $120 is due by 3/1/24. 
    • There is a backup list in case people drop out contact Jack Pongracz

2023 Photo Gallery


2024 Photo Gallery


Pole spear hunting invasive lionfish in Puerto Rico
Manasquan Surf Camera

Manasquan Surf Camera!