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2021 Manasquan Fishing Club Award Winners

o Largest Blackfish

from Boat



18.5 Inches, 4/28/21 from boat, the late

Tom Siciliano 


o Catch & Release

Largest Striped Bass 


44.5 Inches, 11/6/21 from boat

Luis Cadalzo


o Special Award -

Largest Bluefin Tuna

39 Inches, 6/24/21, from boat

Sean Wohltman

o Clem Danish Memorial Award

(Largest Surf Caught

Striped Bass)


35 Inches, 3/30/21

Tommy Freda


o Carl Fletcher Memorial Award

(Largest Ocean Caught Fluke)

Can only been awarded once per individual

4.71 Pounds, 8/14/21                    

Frank Cuccio

o Ed Walsh Memorial Award-

Largest Manasquan River Caught Fluke

19 Inches, 7/11/21

John Poruchynsky

o Fred Waltzinger Memorial Award 

Largest Fluke Overall

28 Inches, 7.2 Pounds,9/15/21

Luis Cadalzo


o Frank Donelly Memorial Award

Largest Ocean Caught Black Seabass


16.5 Inches, 6/10/21

Jack Mitkus

o Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes the club's appreciation to a member for their continuing service, fellowship, and community spirit.

It is awarded as a token of our thanks for their tireless efforts in the performance of their many roles and their huge contribution to the success of The Manasquan Fishing Club.



Paul Shafer

Memorial Awards


Clem Danish Memorial Award

(Largest Surf-Caught Striped Bass)

Clem was the owner of Fisherman's Cove bait shop, now a Manasquan historic site. He was a founding member of the MFC and a dedicated surf fisherman who passed on his knowledge to anyone entering his shop.


clem 2

Ed Walsh Memorial Award

(Largest River-Caught Fluke)

Ed was a past president and well respected club member. His home and boat were located right on the Manasquan river. The largest river caught fluke now bears his name. 


ed walsh mfc

Frank Donnelly Memorial Award (Largest Ocean-Caught Sea Bass)

Frank was a dedicated Sea Bass fisherman was a fixture on local recks and hard bottom. He along with his brother Pete and son Patrick were long-term active members. 

Fred Waltzinger Memorial Award

(Largest Fluke Overall)

Fred was a truly dedicated fluke fisherman who tagged and released nearly 200 fluke each season. His dedication to perfecting his craft, sharing his knowledge, along with furthering the scientific study of fluke growth and movement, earned him respect among his peers.


fred w mfc

Al Lake Memorial Award

(Largest Ocean-Caught Bluefish)

Al was our longest serving board member and was recording secretary for nearly 20 years. He ran his boat Else IV every weekend and always invited new members and potential new members to come along. He recruited more new members on his boat than anyone else. 


Carl Fletcher Memorial Award (Largest Ocean-Caught Fluke)

The Fletcher Memorial Award is the most prestigious award for the Manasquan Fishing Club. It can only be won once in a lifetime and is awarded to the angler who caught the largest Fluke in the Ocean who has not previously won the award.  


Carl Fletcher's wife donated his oat to the club after his death. The boat was sold and proceeds and interest have supported this ward since 1973. 



Fletcher Memorial Award Winners by Year



Year Winner Weight Year Winner Weight
1973 Lee Messick 10.19 2000 Tom White 9.5
1974 John Slebodnick 9 2001 Al Wynne 8.6
1975 Helmut Larson 6.13 2002 Bob Shocody 8.8
1976 Stan Marsh 9.44 2003 Joe Jarema 8.8
1977 Floyd Coulter 4.13 2004 Al Spiro 10.34
1978 Sig Gruskowski 9.5 2005 No Winner 10.63
1979 Ed Procalo 4.25 2006 Fred Waltzinger 4.81
1980 Frank Huber 6.25 2007 No Winner 7.5
1981 Phil Manheimer 6.56 2008 Joe Puntasecca 5.66
1982 Jack Snell 6.38 2009 Tom Estlow 6.12
1983 Gary Dickerson 7 2010 Greg Jewell 6.99
1984 Harold Hoerster 5.88 2011 Tom Sicilliano 7.7
1985 Buzz Topley 6 2012 Frank Richetti 6.88
1986 Jim Swift 5.25 2013 Paul Maclearie 7.7
1987 Peter Fecko 8 2014 Bob Shepard 8.13
1988 Frank Donnelly 6.5 2015 Fred Yarmolowicz 8.2
1989 Bill Bradley 6.69 2016 Chris Wood 7.44
1990 Jeff Careatti 5.5 2017 Chris Jewell 5.09
1991 Al Kulaszewski 5.38 2018 Ken Shiloff 5
1992 Ken Green 5.81 2019 Luis Cadalzo 5.56
1993 Peter Murcko 8.13 2020 Sean Wohltman 5.7
1994 Mike Montorio 5.56 2021 Frank Cuccio 4.71
1995 Pat Donnelly 8.13      
1996 Tom Tallon 10      
1997 Joe Martz 8.6      
1998 Mike Grobe 7.3      
1999 Vince Loveland 7.25