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MFC Officer Positions & Responsibilities


  • Provides leadership and direction to the club
  • Has overall responsibility for financial and organizational functioning of club matters
  • Presides over all club meetings and Executive Board meetings
  • Seeks to create a cooperative environment for the club and facilitates conflict resolution and sound decision-making
  • Helps to create club objectives and goals in tandem with the other club executives and committees
  • Acts as secondary signatory on club’s checking account
  • Understands and follows club bylaws and general club policies
  • Acts as liaison to the Manasquan Recreation Department and other community and external organizations as appropriate
  • Appoints committee chairs per club bylaws
  • Access to club’s PO Box

1st Vice-President

  • Shall preform all duties of the President in their absence or at their request
  • Supports other executive positions with problem solving and important tasks
  • Ensures strong leadership by mentoring new officers
  • Supports club activities and events, including 50/50, dark horse, and high roller raffles

2nd Vice President

  • Shall preform all duties of the 1st VP in their absence or at their request
  • Supports club activities and events, including 50/50, dark horse, high roller raffles
  • Handles food & refreshments at club meetings and events
  • Distributes and collects club name badges


  • Acts as primary signatory on club’s checking account

  • Oversees club finances

  • Makes deposits to the club’s checking account

  • Manages club expenses, reimbursements, and direct payment of invoices

  • Collects membership dues and maintains membership records

  • Reads monthly treasures report

  • Submits annual financial package to Auditing Committee as per club bylaws

  • As part of the Finance Committee, prepares and presents the annual budget to the Executive Board and the club membership

  • Access to club’s PO Box

Recording Secretary

  • Takes minutes at monthly club meetings and Executive Board meetings
  • Reads meeting minutes Casts deciding vote for club officers per club bylaws (when there is a single slate of candidates under consideration)
  • Keeps club records and maintains club history
  • Enforces membership guidelines
  • Maintains club bylaws
  • Acts as liaison with Manasquan High School / MHSFC for club’s Scholarship Award

Corresponding Secretary

  • Handles the correspondence of the club
  • Publishes and distributes the monthly newsletter
  • Maintains membership list and contact information
  • Prepares and distributes “Email blasts” to promote and inform members on upcoming events

Social Media Secretary

  • Management of social media accounts (website, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Maintains domain and web hosting for club’s website
  • Design of posters, logo, or other print promotional materials
  • Works closely with Program Committee to support events and projects
  • Ensures and protects club interests by identifying and recruiting new club members


  • Supports club leadership and all club committees
  • Supports club activities and events
  • Acts in an advisory capacity to provide guidance to club policy
  • Has the power to call for a special Executive Board meeting or pass resolutions to address specific club business or disputes
  • Responsible to keep order during club meetings

Committees (per club bylaws)

  • Nominating Committee – To nominate candidates for all offices to be filled by election
  • Finance Committee – Prepares the annual budget
  • Auditing Committee – Performs an annual review of the club’s financial records and reports its findings to membership
  • Program Committee – Plans a balanced activity program for upcoming year

Club Events and Activities

These include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing the sinker party
  • Maintaining the fishing award roster and providing the fishing awards
  • Managing the ordering and procurement of MFC merchandise
  • Managing the Youth Fishing Contest at events such as “Big Sea Day” and “PBA Mac’s Pond”
  • Instructing the fishing classes presented through Manasquan Recreation Department
  • Organizing club fishing trips, charters, and tournament
  • Organizing prize raffle fundraisers
  • Organizing Annual Awards Dinner

At times these club activities will be handled by other club members, but In the event that there are no volunteers for these activities, then responsibility shall be undertaken by one or more of the club officers (if such activities are deemed an essential club activity).