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2021 Manasquan Fishing Club Award Winners

o Largest Blackfish

from Boat



18.5 Inches, 4/28/21 from boat, the late

Tom Siciliano 


o Catch & Release

Largest Striped Bass 


44.5 Inches, 11/6/21 from boat

Luis Cadalzo


o Special Award -

Largest Bluefin Tuna

39 Inches, 6/24/21, from boat

Sean Wohltman

o Clem Danish Memorial Award

(Largest Surf Caught

Striped Bass)

Clem was the owner of Fisherman's Cove bait shop, now a Manasquan historic site. He was a founding member of MFC and a dedicated surf fisherman who passed his knowledge to anyone entering his shop. 

35 Inches, 3/30/21

Tommy Freda


o Carl Fletcher Memorial Award

(Largest Ocean Caught Fluke)

Can only been awarded once per individual

4.71 Pounds, 8/14/21                    

Frank Cuccio

o Ed Walsh Memorial Award-

Largest Manasquan River Caught Fluke

19 Inches, 7/11/21

John Poruchynsky

o Fred Waltzinger Memorial Award 

Largest Fluke Overall

28 Inches, 7.2 Pounds,9/15/21

Luis Cadalzo


o Frank Donelly Memorial Award

Largest Ocean Caught Black Seabass

Frank was a dedicated Sea Bass fisherman who was a fixture on local wrecks and hard bottom. He along with his brother Pete and son Patrick were long term active members. 

16.5 Inches, 6/10/21

Jack Mitkus

o Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes the club's appreciation to a member for their continuing service, fellowship, and community spirit.

It is awarded as a token of our thanks for their tireless efforts in the performance of their many roles and their huge contribution to the success of The Manasquan Fishing Club.



Paul Shafer