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November at the Manasquan Fishing Club:            A Month of Reel Stories and Shared Seas

Navigating November's Waters

November brought a mix of brisk winds and bountiful catches to the Manasquan Fishing Club. As the leaves fell and the temperatures dropped, our group chat stayed hot with activity. The excitement was palpable - the fall bass run was in full swing, and members were on the lookout for the elusive bluefin tuna. It was a month where every day held the promise of a new adventure.

Conversations with a Cause – The Wind Project Debate

The month kicked off with a robust debate, led by Sean Wohltman, about the recent developments in offshore wind projects. These discussions weren’t just idle talk; they were a window into our members' and more generally our state’s mindset regarding the polarizing topic.


The Thrill of the Catch – Celebrating the Fall Bass Run


Sean Wohltman, Luis Cadalzo, Paul Shafer, Jack Pongracz and John Sheehan's reports of their catches were the high points of early November. Luis’s story of landing a massive 7-foot thresher shark and John's encounters with sizable stripers were more than just fishing tales; they were accounts of determination, skill, and a little bit of luck. Then Capt. Freda sent an update that his son Tommy and 4 others pulled in 30 bass in 2 hours on the morning of November 6th off the Sea Girt Army Camp!

bass 1

bass 2

bass 3


bass 4


bass 5


bass 6

The Angler's Exchange – Tips and Techniques/Adapting to New Regulations – The Circle hook Innovation


The chat turned into a valuable resource mid-month, as members exchanged practical tips and techniques. These weren't abstract discussions; they were real, usable strategies that ranged from the best rigs to use to effective trolling patterns. The discussions also got into the relatively new regulations against snagging bunker and leaving the treble hook in. This rule change prompted a creative response from our members, who experimented with and shared their experiences using circle hooks. This adaptation not only complied with the new rules but also sparked a wave of innovation in our fishing techniques.

news paper



circle snag


The Club's Backbone – Support and Camaraderie


The heart of the club was its people. Members regularly offered each other support, be it through sharing hotspots, equipment advice, or a simple word of encouragement. This was a group that genuinely looked out for each other.


Learning Together – Fostering Knowledge


The club's dedication to education came through in discussions about marine ecosystems and angling technology. These were practical, informative exchanges aimed at making everyone a better, more informed angler.


The Ongoing Season – Forward-Looking Conversations

As November wound down, the chat reflected an eagerness for continued fishing adventures. Discussions about the ongoing bass run and the chance of encountering bluefin tuna kept the momentum going. The season was far from over; in fact, it was just getting more interesting. November at the Manasquan Fishing Club was about real people sharing real experiences. It was a month filled with valuable lessons, exciting catches, and the strengthening of friendships. These stories, shared in our group chat, are a testament to the enduring spirit of our club and its members.