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September 13, 2022 - Hudson Canyon

Frank C reports:

]Just got back from a 30 hour trip. 

Left Manasquan Inlet at 10:50 am on 9/12. Stopped at Glory hole for a bit on the way out to the canyon. Not much luck there.


Hit some lobster pots near the canyon and boated a dozen or so on peanut brunker. 


Set up for the nightbite and hooked something big. Capt. thought a big swordfish but broke off after 90 minutes. 


Overnight bite was non-existent. 


Start heading back west around 4 am. Morning was good. lots of false albacore and we boated 2 40 lb YFT with flutter spoons. 


Landed an 80 lb blacktip shark. 

Pot hopped again on the way in but not much life.