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MFC Labor Day Weekend Fishing Tournament!

The club has added a new event this year. In addition to the MFC River Fluke Tournament (June 13th) and the MFC Ocean Fluke Tournament (July 13th) we will be hosting our first MFC Labor Day Weekend Fishing Tournament. 


  • Entrants can be anyone on a boat with or somehow fishing with a club member. If you are
    taking friends and family out, they can participate if they pay the entry fee and fish in your boat
    or near you if you are fishing from shore. So, you can load up the boat with non-club members
    and they can all have a shot.
  • Entry Fee: $15 per rod which qualifies you to fish one day. You must declare you are going to
    fish by 8:00 pm the night before your trip. Please send notifications to one of the following (text
    • 732-616-7123
      • Please text number of anglers and names. (If someone does not make it or the
        weatherman is wrong and the trip is canceled, then just let me know ASAP and I
        will cancel the entry for the day.)
  • Enter to fish as many days as you want. It’s just $15 a day per participant.
  • Much of this is on the honor system and we appreciate your cooperation in making this a fair
  • Fluke must be legally caught (no spear)


Friday thru Monday. Scales close at 5:00 PM on Monday. 


No limit but you must leave from a NJ port by boat or be fishing from land in NJ. Fish caught on a party boat by a person participating in the tournament (including club trip) which leaves from a NJ port are eligible. River fish are eligible. 

PRIZES (% of pool)

  • Largest Fluke by weight - 45%
  • Second largest fluke by weight - 25%
  • Third largest fluke by weight - 10%
  • Largest Fluke from land (can be combined with one of the above). If a keeper fluke is not caught from land, length of the largest released fish, even if below legal limit, will determine winner. Picture of said released fish on tape measure admired but not required. - 20%
  • The Beth Jewell Award - Largest Sea Robin by length - must be released unharmed* - $20


Weigh in station is at any accredited scale. Just text photo of weight. This is a fishing tournament only. Prizes will be mailed.