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MFC Ocean Fluke Tourney (Take 2)

Last Thursday, the much-anticipated Manasquan Fishing Club's Ocean Fluke Tournament was set to take place. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Poor weather conditions and a lack of keepers led to the event being cancelled just two hours in. But as the saying goes, "The show must go on," and indeed it did. The tournament was rescheduled for yesterday, and it turned out to be a day full of excitement, camaraderie, and some impressive catches.

Among the attendees were Paul Shafer, Jack Pongracz, and Spencer Kurten aboard Paul's boat, Pure Joy. On Fred Truex's boat, Dar Lyn', were Fred himself, Luis Cadalzo, Frank Cuccio, and Paul Hennigan. Both crews were eager to make up for the lost time and get their lines in the water.

Pure Joy had a successful day, reaching their limit of sea bass. Meanwhile, Dar Lyn' had an equally fruitful day, reeling in four keepers over the slot and four slot fish. Despite having to throw back a number of big fish, the crew remained in high spirits.

The star of the day was Luis Cadalzo. He managed to hook a big fluke early in the day (and probably a thousand other fluke throughout the day) which turned out to be the winning catch. The pre-official weight of the fluke was estimated to be between 5 and 6 pounds, a truly impressive feat.

Frank Cuccio had a memorable day as well, catching his first fluke keeper of the season. Despite his joy, Frank had a bit of a mishap, dropping his sunblock in the water not once, not twice, but three times. Good thing Fred was fast on the net. 

Fred Truex, the captain of Dar Lyn', demonstrated his expertise by positioning the boat on a long drift that put them right on the fish. Despite catching a lot of skates, he remained undeterred and focused on the task at hand.

The bait of the day was Gulp, and Dar Lyn' went through tons of it. The shredded remnants were a testament to the hard-fought battles between the anglers and the fish.

After a day filled with excitement and friendly competition, the attendees gathered for an after-party next door to the Manasquan annex building. It was a time to share stories, have some food and drinks, celebrate the day's victories, and look forward to the next tournament.

In the end, the rescheduled Manasquan Fishing Club's Ocean Fluke Tournament was a resounding success. Despite the initial setback, the spirit of the anglers remained unbroken, proving once again that a little adversity only adds to the thrill of the catch.