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October on the Water - A Month of Memorable Catches with the Manasquan Fishing Club

October has always been a special time for the members of the Manasquan Fishing Club, and this year was no exception. As the leaves began to change color and the crisp autumn air settled in, our lines were cast, and the stories began to unfold in our members-only group chat, a digital logbook of our aquatic adventures. Here’s a glimpse into our month of reeling in the big ones, tagging our victories, and enjoying the marine spectacle along the New Jersey coast.

The Striper Chronicles
The early days of October buzzed with excitement over the stripers. Sean Wohltman's account of a massive thrasher that hit a shad set the tone for what was to come. The striper, a hefty one weighing in at an estimated 40 pounds, was the talk of the chat, sparking conversations about size, tagging, and the sheer thrill of the catch. This catch-and-release tale was a heart-pumping start to our October saga.

Tagging Tales
Tagging wasn't just a practice but a passion for us this month. The chat lit up with eight mentions of tagged fish, a testament to our commitment to conservation and the sport. Eric Wasnesky's story of his 10-year-old landing a 26-inch fish, which they tagged together, was particularly heartwarming. It was a family affair and a sign that the future of fishing in Manasquan is bright.

Bait and Whales
The presence of bunker, a key baitfish, was noted as many as eight times in our discussions, underscoring the abundance of life in our waters. These little fish play a big role in our ecosystem, attracting not just the bass we chase but also the occasional whale. Yes, you read that right — whales! Members shared their awe-inspiring encounters with these gentle giants, a reminder of the wonder that lies beneath our boats.

Big Fish and Bigger Stories
Our members often used the word "big" to describe their catches, but it wasn't just about size; it was about the stories behind them. Every "big" catch carried a narrative of patience, skill, and sometimes, sheer luck. These were the moments that defined our October — the shared experiences that turned into club lore.


Trips to Remember
Though only mentioned a couple of times, the fishing trips planned and executed were the backbone of our month. Members shared logistics, anticipated the excitement of the upcoming outings, and recounted the successes upon their return. It was about camaraderie as much as it was about the catch.

Conservation and Community
Amidst the tales of catches and sightings, there was a continuous thread of conservation. With every tagged fish and every story shared, we were reminded of our role as stewards of the sea. Our group chat wasn't just a place for boasting; it was a space for learning and promoting sustainable practices.

October's End
As the month wound down, so did our chatter, but the memories of October’s catches will flicker on like the light on the water at sunset. The Manasquan Fishing Club's group chat is more than just messages and emojis; it's the digital embodiment of our shared passion for the sea, the life within it, and the friendships forged on its shores.

Overall, October with the Manasquan Fishing Club was filled with the joy of the catch, the responsibility of tagging, and the marvel of nature’s aquatic display.

Here's to the fish, the fishermen, and the sea that brings us all together. Tight lines, until next month!